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June 2021

Boots is a board book for babies and toddlers that reminds little ones no matter how far their family scatters each day, they come back home together at night.

Its bright colors, simple illustrations, and sweet, poetic verse will enchant both the grown-ups reading it and the tiny ones in their lap.

Order a copy of Boots and give your favorite little readers a quality book made just for them.

  • A story tailored to their view of the world

  • Simple pictures for growing minds

  • Sturdy pages they can push, pull, and chew again and again

Children's Books: Latest Work

The Truth About Rain

November 2021

Hoods, umbrellas, hideaways

Windshield wipers, too

Dashing, splashing, wet sidewalk

So much to do!

Jump in puddles, follow raindrops, and find bright spots in the gray in this poetic picture book for the kids who know rainy days mean playful days — even if their grown-ups forgot.

Children's Books: Latest Work
Coming Soon

A Shadow's Day Off

Coming soon

When clouds roll in and skies are gray,

How do shadows spend their day?

Without the sun, their jobs are done.

Do gloomy days mean no more fun?

Find out later next year!

Children's Books: Latest Work
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