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About the Author

I spent years writing for grown-ups, but as a mom of five, my heart is with my kids. And now my pen is, too.

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About the Books

Pulling the stack of after-Christmas winter books out of the closet, I sighed — once again — at the pile of snow-themed choices. 

My rain-soaked Pacific Northwest little ones don't see themselves in those wintry white scenes. So, I started jotting down my own rainy day picture book ideas.

It felt a bit rebellious! We’re supposed to pout about the rain, aren’t we? Not accept it! Or even (shhh!) celebrate it.

Join us as we as find sparkles in the raindrops and bright spots in the gray.

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About the Blog

AI Parenthood can be found at It's a page for parents navigating the age of A.I.

Exploration, not explanation, is the name of the game here. I’m not going to explain all the tech-y AI stuff going on in the world bc I’m not a tech-y AI guru. This blog is for the non-Silicon Valley set... the parents who just want to know when the robots are coming and if they can help with new math.

About: Welcome
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