Where is The Truth About Rain?

Lost at sea: Global shipping crisis or grownup plot to hide the truth?

A pallet with one thousand copies of a radical new children’s book is somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, and the author has no idea when it will arrive.

The Truth About Rain is a poetic picture book for kids who know rainy days mean playful days — even if their grownups forgot. But what if their grownups didn’t forget? What if they’ve been keeping the truth about rain a secret all along?

“Supposedly, the long wait time and unknown arrival estimates are due to the pandemic-induced global shipping crisis,” author Sheelah McCaughan said, “but it seems a little too fitting. We’re uncovering a big secret here, and all of a sudden it can’t be done? I don’t think so.”

So what is the truth? What is the big secret spilled by one rain-soaked mom in the Pacific Northwest? 

Spoiler alert: We’re all waterproof!

Will the global shipping crisis keep the book from arriving before the holiday shopping season? We’re inviting classrooms across America to get their feet wet and jump right into this multifaceted, real-world, real-time learning opportunity.


Contest for classrooms

Teachers, gather your class for lessons on reading, writing, geography, math, business, book publishing, calendars and more.

Take a guess on when The Truth About Rain will arrive at the author’s Pacific Northwest home, and the class with the closest guess will get an exclusive author visit with Sheelah McCaughan (virtual or in person) and a copy of the Truth About Rain for their classroom.


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Image by Towfiqu barbhuiya